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You would ask my mom how I am,
How is your little foal out there in the big wide world?
You would ask, you would laugh
And say, oh I knew, sheís doing fine.

And what about you?
Youíre not doing fine.
You were laughing all the time,
I still can hear your voice,
The deep low bass voice of yours.
The life was sparkling out of your eyes.

I really can still hear your voice and I will
Not believe the things are told to me.
My heart aches.
I regret the time we did not see each other
For such a long time.

Why is it like that?
Why and there is no answer, it is just
The way it is.
I never thought that this way suits you.
Itís not right.
It does not suit you.
Not at all.
Not at all.

Please ask my mom again how
Her lil foal is doing out there,
Please sing and eat again with me...
Please be my grandpa again.

I miss you. I really miss you,
Even if Iím that far away and cannot
Even see your stone.
23.1.08 15:59


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