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silent night for the rest of my life
silent night till they find the knife

I just feel like crying right now. and I don't know why. damn it, i really don't want to cry that easily.
that really sucks. I am unsure about everything right now. very confused and all the good time seems to slip out of my fingers. Why? Michi is going to arrive tomorrow morning, so only about10 hours left. And I don't feel great right now. Why? Is something going to break?
Feelings are so vague and even if you're sure about them, for how long will it last? How many people can one single human love?

And what is real pure love... is it something that exists for real or do books and movies just want to give us a dream... because without it would be just too harsh?

I always believed in it. but who is it now who starts clashing these ideals? it's me. I feel really bad about it.
17.11.07 14:12


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