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What Angel Sanctuary Character Are You?

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10.2.06 14:24


A shadow passes over a man's face, and for a moment you can see the child, lost at a carnival, abandoned by his mother because of how he was conceived.  Growing up to be a teach
You are Adrian! Filled with the secret of a

traumatizing past, you tend to be cautious

about who you trust and even moreso, who you

give your heart to. But when you find your

significant other, you are loyal to them

until the end.

What Kaori Yuki Manga Character Are You?
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10.2.06 14:55

You've had a good human life, and you made your own

life weird/odd/dark. Let's face it, you suck

oo; You're the evil one that rules Hell

himself! True you've got the 7 evils that

will stand with you at all times. But geez,

couldn't you be nicer? Darn cold-hearted


What Angel Sanctuary Character are you?
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14.2.06 22:55

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