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long long weekend

Friday visited me Marcus and we have had interesting conversations as usual, he stayed overnight and I missed my bus to school(on saturday) to this information day about studying(?). so he drove me and the last lectue about architecture just failed...
what a lousy day!
in the evening I have had a little clash with Martin and it ended with, don't come this evening, you're welcome on monday, but after talking, you can come tomorrow...gee

I was a little mixed up, so I told Marcus to leave very soon and after he did so I went on a little walk in the night into the wood. I didn't come very far. Two minutes after walking I heard a grunting 7 meters away from me and I screamed and the crew of wild pigs run away into the wood while I run home...
You may don't believe it, but afterwards I felt mcuh better^///^
4.10.05 13:09


no more being mixed up

It just feels beautiful to know what I want and I definite feel!
Say good bye to Mr. chaos!

Yesterday I've had a long talk with my "moth" and I just learned once more that she is a very comlicated person! Espacially what concernes love, or maybe only what concernes love. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, so maybe there is the day coming you have everything clear. love ya

Why the hell is love such a difficult thing? One of my friends has problems with love too, and she just don't know what to do because she fall in love with someone, but he don't feel the same way although she has a boyfriend...
Love seems to be the most important thing in our world. I don't know how to act to someone who has fallen in love with me but I don't love this person in return...
Because of this incompetence I almost killed a very deep friendship;_;

I am so glad to have Martin who I love from the button of my heart and who said about two weeks ago,
" hey, no matter what is going to happen in the future, if we are a couple or not, it just doesn't matter, I'll always be your (boy)friend and you can always come to me to find a place where you can be. here you'll always find a sanctuary"

he is so wonderful.<3
6.10.05 12:09

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