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I`m describing my cosplay as little geen fairy and I just didn`t know what the difference between a fairy and a elf, but the english word seems to mean both...



weibliche ?berirdische M?rchengestalt, meist freundlichen Wesens.

Elfe [ Myth.] zarter weiblicher Naturgeist [
22.9.05 13:07



I'm just sitting here at school and try not to die because of boredom.
I have four free classes and the last one I have to stay for is just nothing! It is so anoying!

Somehow I don't know how to cope all this stuff. school,
wing tsun, martin, marcus (who really mixes me up and confuses me, I just don'know what to feel anymore) and how should I manage it to develop myself in the spiritual way if I don't have anytime to do anything for me.
But without any advance I won't be able to calm down...;_;
anyway there is so much to do, for my mum, our household, moving out( finding a place to life at first and much more important, the strength of will to do it n ot to give up half a way)

Uah, and I'm wondering what's up between mey and marie I still don't know why she started crying after receiving this letter and I don't wanna ask her...besides, posting it, is like asking her...

Hopefully it will help me to publish it, I have an aim, moving out, or making everything clear to my mom 'til my eightenth birthday,. to tell her that I'm moving out. Maybe even to suchomels, even if she isn't going to visit me there what would make me very sad. But still I can visit her and may be she is going to understand how Martin felt after she prohibited him to enter our house.

so the first thing I'll have to do is to check the anouncements of the journal and to ask suchomels if they are still willingly to let me live at their house, even if I don't have the support of my mom neither in a mental nor in a financial way...

30.9.05 11:09

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