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Today we wrote our english test.
Meychan, it was really easy, so no problem with the fiveteen points.
We got a text from Laurie Lee "on the road to London on a middsummer morning" or something like that.

There were four questiones.

1. Who and what happened, Why did he set of?

2.Compare the relationship between Laurie and his mother and the relation between Jonas and his mother.(jonas leafing, whar would they say?)

3. What did he feel when Laurie left. Did his feelings change?

4.What did Jonas feel when he left ? Compare their feelings

That's it... but it was a little bit too easy and I don't know if I wrote everything down she wanted us to. ~

Normally we have physiks at the moment, but he left us alone again. XD

Today I'll see Martin again X3. I didn't see him since last thursday and I really miss him. How do people mange it to not see their boyfriends for such a long time.(somehow this sentence sounds stupid..;_
1.6.05 11:21


Yesterday I weren't at school. I missed my first bus and the second one too, and so I stayed at home. That means, at Martin's house.^^
I missed math, that's a problem, but at the moment I don't really care, because of my mother.

Somehow she's kinda stupid the last few days and somehow I feel guilty for it, but in fact it weren't I who said mean things, it was her turn.
When I told her I want to move out, she said, ok, no problem, but I can't pay for a second household, you'll get the childrenmoney from the state, but nothing more. But I wouldn't be able to manage a job and school, it won't work without her suport. And somehow it pissed her of when I mentioned moving to SLuchomels, a family who she and I know very well.

And I want my amulet back!!! Kyoko-chan!!!!*sob**cry*
3.6.05 09:31

somehow I just don't know what to do. If I am honest like my mom wants me to be and if I tell her what's up, she can't stand it.
Now she is kinda totally upset and I am wondering if it's the best thing to shut up. But that can't be the solution, can it?
I mean, without talking nothing will change and no one will be able to understand you and you will suffer because you're all alone...

But I have to do something, I decided to move to Eschwege. Is there anyone who want to share an appartment with me?
7.6.05 14:30

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