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today I am at Najokos house.
Her little "Nichte"( sorry, I can'tremember the word) is so cute, but sometimes she goes on my nerves, too, she needs so much attention. Little Celina, cute girl about three years. After spending so much time with her, I feel more and more relieved, that Ihaven't been pregnent, because I wouldn't have had abort it and babies need too much time, there wouldn't be a way to manage school and a baby.

And to let a child alone at home, without anybody who has enough time to take care about it...no, that woould hurt me as much as it would hurt my little one.
But I'm still against abort... Don't know how to let these two opinions match together... ;_;

Somehow I'm going to forget every single spanish vocabulary I ever learn, if I don't have spanish class very soon. Mr. Stuwe is ill again. I'm happy about it, sure, but I'd like to become well in Spanish, too. =.=

I'll loose in frensh. I'll die. I don't want to write this stupip test. And I wonder which grade I' receive in Math...

Argh, all I can think about is stupid school and there so much more interesting topics to think and talk about. Like, a couple who allready has broke up, came together again. I'm so happy for them. When I read the message I just quieked! X3

But not everything's so good. I really really really... really wonder what this stupid guy who hurt my friend again and again think who the hell he is!
"Maybe I have enough off you." how could he dare to say anything like that to anyone?!?

My little angel with broken wings, I love you, I don't know if I even can imagine how much it hurts and I fear I'm not able to give you what you need, but, I'll be there for you to give you what I have.

Meychan, please go and kill him, if it makes feel her better!
I won't hold you back anymore.
2.5.05 21:38


hi guys! Sorry!!!
But my internet doesn't work yet and I actually wonder if it works soon. To be honest I don't think so....

Yesterday morning the busdriver caught me... I didn't pay. Such a bad girl! XD But fortunately he didn't want me to pay.
But the prices are really barefaced!

Ha, see ya and thank your for your guestbook enrtries
18.5.05 11:17

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